Sunday, January 13, 2013

I know that I promised to be an active blogger this year, but ever since the year has started it seems that all I've been able to accomplish is this...

We have all been sick off and on since soon as we start to feel better we end up with something else.  I will be so happy when we go back to homeschooling and my kids are not exposed to so many germs.

Speaking of looks like we'll be getting a few practice sessions in.

ISATS are coming up the first couple weeks of March and to make sure Riley's as ready as possible they're doubling up his reading...which means he'll be missing science.  Which means he gets to do all his science work at home.

Another reason I'll be glad to go back to homeschooling.
No testing.
This is a very stressful time for my 10 year old child.
The school is pushing and pushing him because they're a very well awarded school for academic success, and it only takes one kid to knock the median scores down for the whole school's 'report card'.
It saddens me that in order to get the funding they need they have to worry more about test scores than the children.
I want my children to love learning, and to be passionate about what they learn about...not just being forced to comply with how to get the best test scores.

So, that's basically what we've been up to.  Sickness and school issues...seems to be the usual lately.

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